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With three commercial recording studios in the heart of Hollywood California, LACAVA Productions brings together world class musicians to set a new standard for original music for the Television, Film and Video Gaming industries.

In 2010 LACAVA Productions partnered with multiple Grammy award winning performer Kevin "Brandino" Brandon, and has since created over 470 original music tracks for sixteen National Television shows.

On the Game front, LACAVA has created sountracks for several of Adult Swim's most popular and subversive video games, including: Zombie Hooker Nightmare, Zombie Hooker Nightmare XXX-Mas , Rock Paper Scissors Extreme Deathmatch, and Tofu Hunter. LACAVA is currently composing music and sound effects for an upcoming Warner Brothers feature film.

Most recently, George LaCava signed a 5 year contract with the world's largest music sample library company:
Stay tuned for more worldwide releases. (310) 210-2287  

LaCava Production Team

George Lacava - President, Engineer, Composer, Musician, Creative Director

Ken Steiger - Music Director, Production Manager, Producer, Musician

George Plays and is Endorsed by
DBZ Guitars


Production Staff

Erin LaCava - Administrator

Marcus Dreeke - Technical Director

George LaCava - Marketing/Sales

Kevin Brandon (Brandino) - Engineer, Composer, Producer, Musican
Location: Burbank, CA

Mike Hansen - Professional Drummer
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Mark Jazwinski - Writer, Composer
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Clayton Apilando - Writer, Musician
Location: Honolulu, HI

Ed Faris - Engineer, Composer, Musician, Producer
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Matt Laug - Drummer
Location: Los Angeles, CA

LaCava Productions supporters:

Adult Swim
Bang Bang Tattoos - Keith McCurdy
Jennifer Batton
Big Fish Audio - Tom Meadows, Steven Bolar
Cartoon Network
Cleopatra Records - Brian Perera, President
George Clinton
City of Angels -Frank Conte, Shane Digman
DBZ Guitars -Dean B. Zelinsky, Westy

Moving Target Entertainment
Diane and Leo Dusa
ESP Guitars      
GHS Strings
Guitar Center (Hollywood) - Kat Tate
Mike Hansen - Drummer for George Lynch
Bill Hill
Josh Studios
Terry LaCava
LA Recording Workshop - Chris Boyet
Morpheus Records - Daryl Morgan

Musicians Institute - Ken Steiger
Paramount Studios -Kevin Gershan
      Executive Producer of Entertainment Tonight
      and Inside Edition
Bonnie Pointer - Pointer Sisters
Pop NYC - Vince LaCava
Noah Shears
Billy Sheehan
Space Station Casting Studios
Sony Music Entertainment - Steven
Warner Brothers

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